good things take time

good things take time

It’s been almost a year since our official launch, and what a year it has been. Reflecting on the year past brings back so many memories, all made possible by you. So what better time to use this, our very first newsletter, to share a little bit of our first year in business.


A first-year is naturally a year of many firsts. As we started to grow, we could no longer produce all pieces in-house. We set out to find a production partner who shared our ideas about quality, order quantities and was based in Europe. While it proved no easy feat, thanks to a little push in the right direction, we managed to find “our” Luisa in Portugal. Right from the start, she’s been everything we had hoped to find: an honest, reliable partner who treats our products as if they were her own. We took the opportunity to visit Luisa in Portugal last summer. We’d love to tell you more about the production in our next update.

Then there was this beautiful spring day, where everything came together for our first photoshoot with wijzijnkees. Wijzijnkees helped us create new images of our work that captured the love and attention we put into our products, a shoot that would tell our story. We couldn’t have wished for a better result. It was a beautiful day and we’ll forever have the photos to remember it. If you’ve been following us on Instagram you’ve probably seen the beautiful results in our posts and on our website. 

Speaking of memorable moments: let’s not forget Sacha bringing a new family member into this world: Raf! He was so tiny and now grown so big already. He’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

Then there was the launch of our - personalised - towels. Besides the fact that we’d never expected to make so many beautiful personalisations, we were struck by all the heartwarming and personal stories you’ve shared with us when ordering a personalised towel. Not only did it become a favourite maternity gift, but some of our towels were also made for special occasions and therefore hold moments and memories that will last a lifetime. For us, when the going gets a little tough, it’s these stories that motivate us to keep going. Because of course, starting a business is not only about the highs but also about the lows. Our ears are still burning from all the phone calls we had to make to retrace our second production that had gotten lost during transport. Fortunately, in this case, all worked out, every single piece found its way back to us in good order. 

So yes, a year of many firsts, but mainly a year of gratitude. We genuinely believe we could not have done this without the belief and support of our family and friends. So let’s finish this post the way we started, with a word of thanks, and a special discount code to express our gratitude. Thank you all!