garment care

be kind to our nature and handle your pieces with care. 

Many garments just need to be aired out properly to be good for another wear. By washing less, you will save water, energy, time and money. And it will improve the lifespan of your clothes.

verwarming badkamer  

the heroine dress - crinkle cotton

this dress is made from 100% natural, GOTS-certified crinkle cotton. wash on a gentle cycle at 30 degrees with similar colours or hand wash with lukewarm water. use a mild, non-bleaching detergent. tumble dry on low heat. please treat embroideries with care and wash inside out to prevent threads pulling. please note that the fabric may shrink a bit after washing. by ironing - at medium heat setting - the dress will get it's original shape back. 

the heroine dress - wool mousseline 

this dress is made from 100% naturally coloured wool from the finest quality. please keep in mind that it's a delicate fabric, we suggest to use a wool/delicate setting on your washing machine, or handwash with lukewarm water. wash with similar colours and use a wool/ delicate detergent. please treat embroideries with care and wash inside out to prevent threads pulling. hang to dry and use low heat setting for ironing. 

tips for washing with wool: mix a wool or mild detergent in lukewarm water. submerge garment and stir it around without rubbing or wringing. rinse and press out excess water. don’t wring out wool clothing.

Odour resistant

In contrast to synthetics, Merino wool can absorb moisture vapour which means less sweat on your body. Merino wool even absorbs the odour molecules from sweat, which are only released upon washing.


Stain resistant

Merino wool fibres have a natural protective outer layer that helps prevent stains from being absorbed. And because Merino wool tends not to generate static, it attracts less dust and lint.

the mini and midi mat

please detach the elastic band from the mat. wash the mat on 40 degrees using mild detergent. tumble dry at medium heat setting. for ironing it's best to use a pressing cloth on the backside of the fabric for extra protection.


etuis are hand wash only. do no tumble dry. for ironing please use a cool setting.


towels are washable to 60 degrees. please use mild - non bleaching - detergent if you want to keep the oatmeal colour. tumble dry for the most perfect crinkles. use cotton setting for ironing. for a crisp finish iron the towels while they're still damp.