"to all mothers. our first teachers, our first loves." - maya angelou

"to all mothers. our first teachers, our first loves." - maya angelou

Now that autumn is here again - "the time when everything bursts with its last beauty. as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale." - It's time to share a special and personal project with you that we've been working on the past few months.

We're beyond excited to present to you our heroine dress. This dress is an ode to all mothers. A comfortable robe you'll want to wear for the rest of your life. A dress to feel beautiful in. 

the story behind the dress

Designing this dress felt so dear and close to our hearts. It's our way of honouring our own mothers and expressing our gratitude for becoming a mother ourselves. Being able to grow life, has even led to the start of our label. This is the dress we’d want to wear before, during and beyond pregnancy. Hence, we’ve come full circle.

how it’s made

We stand for an ethically sourced collection that pays homage to both people and planet. We've picked only the finest - GOTS certified, delicate and natural materials to sway and soothe around you. For now, you can choose between our comfy crinkle cotton or the peignoir in semi-transparent soft wool mousseline. 

We’re thrilled that all dresses are handmade by local artisans in the Netherlands. With the greatest care and lots of love, exactly how we had imagined it should be: the revival of true craftsmanship. It led to beautiful collaborations with tailors that can work magic. 

bespoke hand-embroidered details 

Inspired by the tradition of a kimono that is handed down from mother to child, we wanted to give this dress a special and personal touch. Therefore, each dress is given bespoke hand-embroidered initials of choice, making each dress truly one of a kind. In doing so, we hope that this dress will stand the test of time and will become a treasured heirloom.

You can find both versions of our dress here