personalisations as the heart of an.nur

a few years back, we would never have thought that personalisation would become the essence of our brand. we feel that it’s time to share a bit more about how this happened and why we’ve embraced personalisation into our hearts. 

to us, personalisation is far more than merely embroidering a name on a product - it’s about crafting a bespoke piece that encapsulates the essence of the person who carries that name.

in a world where mass production often prevails, we are committed to preserving the beauty of genuine craftsmanship and intimate personalisation.

personalisation allows us to engage a deeper connection with our clients, as every personalisation has its own unique story behind it. it became the perfect way of creating personal pieces that evolve into treasured heirlooms.

our commitment to personalisation goes hand in hand with our dedication to superior quality and craftmanship. we delved into the intricate details of design, carefully selecting materials, colours and calligraphy that resonates with our vision and values. 

each personalisation is meticulously crafted, ensuring that it not only reflects the expectations of our customers but also upholds our brand’s high standards.

we believe that every customer deserves a piece that is made with love and care, to stand the test of time. 

this wouldn't be a complete story without acknowledging our mixed feelings about personalisations. knowing and seeing the clichés and lackluster nature that often accompany personalised items. we've witnessed the generic fonts, the excessive embellishments, and the lack of thought put into creating something truly special. we want to curate a personalised experience that goes beyond this surface-level. 

we sought to infuse personalisations with a touch of elegance, sophistication, and understated beauty. we almost see personalisation as a form of art - a labor of love and dedication. it's about going beyond the surface and creating something deeply personal, meaningful, and cherished. join us as we embark on this extraordinary journey of crafting personalised pieces that truly speak to the hearts of those who carry them.